Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catholic New Roundup 06-07

Homosexuality is Law
Like it or not ... Catholic Schools in the Canadian Province of Ontario must accommodate students who want gay straight alliances in their schools. 

State Going Straight?
Citizens of Maryland have collected more than 100,000 signatures in an attempt to undo the state's so-called "same sex marriage" law.

Demanding a Double Standard!!
Plans to build a seminary are being suppressed in one Indonesian archdiocese … all because of intolerance from Muslims.

Fighting for Religious Freedom!!
Thousands of people will take to the streets all across America on Friday June 8th … to fight Obama’s campaign against religious freedom.

 Black Churches Dump Reverend White …
 A Minnesota pastor is drowning in debt after three quarters of his congregation walked away … because of his support for same-sex marriage.

Walker Wins…
Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has won the recall election taking place this week in the Badger State … in what is being called history in the making.

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