Friday, June 8, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 06-08

Shakedown in the Eternal City
Just as an anonymous source is attempting to blackmail the Vatican … the former head of the Vatican Bank is also stepping forward to reveal a secret dossier full of compromising information on Vatican higher-ups.
The Telegraph

Free for all in Freiburg
A hundred and forty priests of Freiburg Germany are giving absolution ... and holy communion … to divorced and remarried Catholics.

Gays Gunning for History
Two Lesbian soldiers have held the first same sex marriage ceremony in history on an American military base.

Ousting Aussie Dissent
A Bishop from Australia has resigned from his position ... which he has held since 1986.

A Natural Selection
The teachings of evolution as a scientific fact are being removed from textbooks in South Korea.

Gay Merit Badges?
Are the Boy Scouts of America going gay? Leadership is considering a proposal to accept homosexual den leaders and scout masters.
Fox News

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