Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 05-31

The Notre Dame 88

Catholic News Roundup 05-31

Maltese Catholics Cave In

The Catholic Country of Malta has approved legalizing divorce. Accepting divorce as a real option is just the first step for a country to lose respect for life and respect for family.



Campaign Kicks Homosexual Education

Legislators in Brazil have backed an internet campaign driving President Dilma Roussef to suspend a U.N. sanctioned program promoting the homosexual agenda.


Filipino President's Forked Tongue

He used to say the population needs to be controlled; now he says he depends on a growing population to contribute to economic growth. Hopefully he will follow the advice from the bishops of his country who remain faithful to Catholic teaching and oppose President Aquino's population control bill.


Illinois Ousts Catholic Adoption Efforts

By recognizing gay marriages and giving same sex couples many of the privileges as married couples, Illinois is shutting down Catholic Adoption agencies. With the passing of these new laws, the Catholic charities are not able to remain open and still be faithful to the teaching.



Abortion Anesthetist Infects His Patients

It is coming to light quite frequently these days that abortionists are not "concerned with the health of women" as they so often love to say. Here is just another example in Australia.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cloning is Immoral & Illegal. And our site recognizes this.

Hey, everyone! Simon Rafe, Senior Platform Architect, here. In order to make like the unshaven hero in old John Wayne movies, I shall be heading a question off at the pass as it were.

The question I think people will be asking is; what has happened with the site? When I go to sign up for an account, I get told my email is already in use? What's that about?

Recently, I became concerned by the number of "clone accounts" on the site - that is, multiple accounts registered to the same email address. This is not much of a problem for free users - because the accounts are free - although it does slow the site down a little bit. But if someone has two premium accounts registered to the same email address ... well, you're paying twice. And no-one wants that.

(Obviously, this doesn't apply to people who are buying a subscription for themselves and one for a friend or family member; this is for people who have subscribed twice for themselves, with a clone account or two.)

So, I changed the site this morning while sitting on the sofa watching that video with the hugging kitty; now you CANNOT create an account with an existing email address. The site won't let you.

What should you do if you try to create an account and you get told this?

Firstly, the site will tell you the name of the account registered to that email address, and give you a link to be reminded of the username and password. Click that link to learn your logon details.

Secondly, if you are wanting to sign in, you should make sure you are using the sign in, not the sign UP (register) link. There is a difference!

Thirdly, if you are attempting to upgrade to premium, you should first sign in to your account and then UPGRADE it, rather than register for a new account.

There are links to do all these things on the page which tells you you have attempted to create a clone account.

You can, of course, contact me in order to, I dunno, learn more, ask more questions, or get more videos of anthropomorphized felines.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 05-27

CIA #6!

Hey, everyone! Just a quick note to say we have just started taping Catholic Investigative Agency episode number 6; all about the Rockefellers!

If you want to see a few pictures from the shoot (rather fun, silly pictures, it must be said - very "behind the scenes" they are!) click this link to visit our Facebook photo album.

And, if you aren't a fan of ours on Facebook, you really should be - why, you get to see all these cool pictures!

The False Five

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Truth Divides

Catholic News Roundup 05-26

Diocese opens chapel next to abortion

North Dakota has one abortion clinic in the entire state, and the Diocese of Fargo is taking steps to shut it down. The diocese is opening a new chapel next door and Mass and Eucharistic adoration will be offered at the chapel. The power of prayer is the way to achieve a state free of abortion clinics.



Government restricts churches in Egypt

Egypt has enacted a new law giving the government authority to supervise the financial resources of churches. Similarly, the government is demanding that churches change their architecture to remove any crosses and domes. Without directly persecuting the Christians of the country, Egypt is discriminating against anyone not a muslim.




More on the monastery in Rome

Reported earlier was that the monster of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme was closed by the Holy Father but the reason was unknown. It has now been released that the community organized disco dances in the basilica.


Parents keep a child's gender under wraps

The world is constantly changing and so are opinions on the importance of gender; so a Canadian couple are not releasing whether their new child is a boy or a girl. They believe it is "a tribute to freedom and choice".



Fund abortions or don't get funding for medicaid in your state

President Obama is threatening to cut Medicaid to Indiana as the state implements a new law ending some tax subsidies for abortion providers. The government is doing more than just meddling in the affairs of a state; it is actively promoting the killing of unborn children.



Wednesday, May 25, 2011

News 05-25

India's unwanted girls

India's 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under the age of seven - activists fear eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade. The BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi explores what has led to this crisis.


Nebraska passes law making ‘Telemed’ abortions a felony

The Nebraska legislature has passed a bill that would make it a felony for abortionists to perform medical abortions via webcam, also known as “telemed” abortions.


New Doctor Death speaks out on suicide

A hugely controversial doctor who has assisted the suicides of almost 300 patients across the country has spoken of the 'beauty' involved in helping ill people die.



Archbishop Timothy Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services USA, has issued a statement on the implementation process of the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell". The Archbishop uses his letter to reiterate the Church's teaching concerning marriage and chastity and says "marriage consists only of the union of one man and one woman."


Vatican suppresses Cistercian abbey in Rome

The abbey of Santa Croce in Jerusalem, associated with the Roman basilica of the same name, was formally suppressed in March, by a decree from the Congregation for Religious, signed by the prefect, Archbishop Joao Braz de Aziz. The Cistercian monks living in the monastery were given two months to relocate to another abbey. The Vatican has not made a public announcement of the unusual move, nor have officials of the Holy See offered an explanation for the decision.


Red Church, Blue Church

Just an editorial commentary FYI on this editorial commentary ... before anyone says anything about the R&D divide, listen carefully to what is being said in the video; 'cause it's not actually about that :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Article which relates to an earlier Vortex episode ...

Check out this article about the feminization of the Church; specifically in the Rochester Diocese.

And here is the Vortex we did on a similar topic;


Hey All,

This is Christopher d'Angelis. I just went to a preview of the new film "Leonie!". Looks like it is gonna be great! The premier will be held at Emagine Theater in Novi, Michigan August 1st; tickets go on sale June 1st. Here's a link to the movie's website and Emagine's ticket office:

The film is about Leonie Martin, the sister of St. Therese. Leonie was the problem child of the Martin family and the movie follows her from childhood to her death as she and her family learn to deal with her personality problems. She eventually overcomes her issues and becomes beloved by all.

I highly recommend going to see this film if you can. If you are interested in having the film shown at a theater near you they have an email link on the website.

News 05-24

Brazilian nun beatified

Irma Dolce, known as "The Angel of Bahia" was beatified Sunday by Cardinal Dom Geraldo Majella Angelo. Sister Dulce founded a charity group that provides health care, welfare and education for the poor in the state of Bahia.


MTV hosts Planned Parenthood commercial as a "public service announcement"

MTV is airing an ad for Planned Parenthood, saying it is a public service announcement; but they are removing a pro-life ad which has been running on MTV since May 2010


Girl killed by RU-486

The announcement of the death of a Portuguese girl was made earlier this month at the 21st European Congress on Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Her death was attributed to an RU-486 medical abortion. Similar atrocities in the United States have led some states to pass legislation clamping down on the reckless use of the drug.


More on China's day of prayer

After the pope's appeal, underground priests were taken away by security forces on a "trip" to prevent them going to the shrine of Our Lady of Sheshan. Prayer for underground bishops, held by the police for decades. Bishop Jia Zhiguo in hospital for heart problems, under police supervision. Bishop’s tomb desecrated. Rosaries, Masses and worship, in obedience to the pope’s invitation. But some say they know nothing of his message.


Priests in Pain

Monday, May 23, 2011

News 05-23

Priest set on fire

A lithuanian priest is set on fire while he was saying Mass. Fr. Remigijus Kuprys has been released from the hospital after being treated for facial burns. No motive was given for the attack and investigators are deciding on psychiatric tests.



Bishop defends marriage

Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo, Malta has said dissenting Catholics should not receive Holy Communion. Way to go bishop!


Catholic education under fire

Catholic parents in Quebec want to take their children out of the "Ethics and Religious Culture program. The parents feel the course is a form of indoctrination and want the right to raise their children as they see fit.


Is it cheaper to kill babies

A bill is on the floor in North Carolina to give expectant mothers the opportunity to be informed about abortion's risks and alternatives before they have an abortion. This bill, which has been passed in other states, has been proven to reduce abortions. Critics are saying the state would save money by NOT passing this bill. So the quest: Prevent abortions and save lives; or let abortions go on unhindered and save the state money?


WHO Will Crush The Head?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

News 05-19

Muslim Brotherhood Advances in Egypt

Originally the Muslim Brotherhood asked for a small portion of the new parliament in Egypt; now they are demanding to represent almost half. With Christians and Muslims both trying to form a new Egyptian government this move demonstrates the Brotherhood's intention to control, and suppress Christians in Egypt.

Story from BigPeace.com

Catholic to host fundraiser for Obama

Jack Connors, a member of the Finance Council for the Archdiocese of Boston, is throwing a fundraiser for Obama. For Connor's to continue in his leadership position in the Archdiocese is scandalous to Catholics across the country. With Obama's support for everything against the dignity of life it is not possible for any Catholic to aid his reelection.

Story from BostonCatholicInsider

Day of prayer for the Church in China forbidden to Shanghai Catholics

For years the Catholics in China have made a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Sheshan for the World Day of Prayer. This year they have been forbidden from the annual pilgrimage by the Chinese government… but they're going anyway.

Story from AsiaNews.it

Shari'a Law rejected in Australia

The Australian government has rejected a request to permit Muslims to fall under the Shari'a legal system. Finally a country holding to their own constitution and laws.

Story from CatholicCulture.org

Catholic-Anglican Dialogue Continues

The obstacles separating Anglicans and Catholics are steeper than they've been in years, but there is a movement to starting which aims to bring unity back to the Church.

Story from Zenit.org

The Bad Coach

Boston Archdiocesan Official Raising Funds for Pro-Abortion President

Below is an article from Boston Catholic Insider regarding Obama's fundraiser in Boston:

The Chair of the Boston Archdiocese Finance Council Institutional Advancement Committee, Jack Connors, is creating scandal in Boston by advancing the pro-abortion agenda of Pres. Obama via a $2 million fund-raising extravaganza he is hosting at his home this evening, May 18. This act scandalizes faithful Catholics in the archdiocese by making it seem that it's OK to be Catholic and pro-abortion, as well as students in the Catholic schools that Jack Connors claims to be helping.
Since the Archdiocese of Boston has not addressed this ongoing scandal, Catholics are now writing to the Holy See to ask them to take action to prevent this scandal from continuing in the future. .Please help us stop the ongoing scandal by spreading word of the "Stop the Scandal" campaign described below.
As one commenter said, "Advancing the most powerful supporter of abortion in this country is NOT what the chair of the Boston Archdiocese Finance Council Institutional Advancement Committee should be advancing."
Please see our recent blog post below and here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In Remembrance of Bl. JPII's Birthday

Rome Reports put together a good piece remembering the birthday of the late great Holy Father

More News 05-18

Police probe eBay posting to sell Michigan toddler

A woman in the Western Michigan township of Allendale was testing out eBay… and was using to two year-old relative as a guinea pig. The nineteen year-old woman says the auction "wasn't meant to be taken seriously". It may be good for a laugh now, but let's remember some respect for human life.

Story from FoxNews.com

Mass intention for Osama bin Laden?

A Florida parish bulletin showed a Mass intention for the repose of the soul of Osama bin Laden. Should Catholics pray for the soul of a terrorist mastermind? The answer of course is yes, it brings up many good questions.

The story from TheBlaze.com

News 5-18

Extraordinary form celebrated at St. Peter's

Following Pope Benedict XVI's renewed support for the Tridentine Mass, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller celebrated the extraordinary form of the Mass at the high altar of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

The story from CatholicCulture.org

Gay-affirmative sex-ed document distributed in Argentina

The UN is pushing an anti-family agenda in Christian South America. The Argentinian government is promoting homosexual couples as a type of "family". this is a direct attack against traditional marriage.

The story from LifeSiteNews.com

U.S. Aid to Pakistan

The United States government is again sending aid to Pakistan, and this time it includes for $122 million for a project including "family planning'. So tax dollars are being spent for what pro-lifers fight against every day.

The story on FoxNews.com

Vatican orders all bishops to set up guidelines

Pope Benedict XVI has recognized sexual abuse as a global scourge, not an American aberration. A new Vatican letter is intended to establish "a certain homogeneity" in how bishops respond to accusations against their priests. It stresses that priests are innocent until proven guilty and devotes more space to what it terms the "support of priests".

The story from LATimes.com

Hospitals allowed to refuse abortions

The state of Utah has enacted the Abortion Freedom of Conscience law allowing hospitals in Utah to refuse to perform abortions. The sponsor of the bill says "this is just one more step wee can take to uphold the principles of protecting the unborn.

The story from BYU Universe

MTV pulls scheduled pro-life ad campaign

The commercial below was banned from its scheduled airing by MTV president Stephen Friedman. As a side note, MTV recently partnered with Planned Parenthood on their promotion called "Get Yourself Tested".

Is Hell Real?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More News 5-17

"Roe" to appear in Pro-Life film

Norma McCorvey, better known as plaintiff "Jane Roe" in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision is making a cameo appearance in the movie Doonby. The movie addresses abortion and other life issues. Having McCorvey act in the film will hopefully add a realization that abortion is true problem in the United States and the world.

The story from NewAmerican.com

Wisconsin Governor says domestic partner registry is unconstitutional

A registry created to give same-sex couples the same rights as a couple in a traditional marriage is on trial for constitutionality. The original defense of the registry was given by previous Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, and current Governor Scott Walker is withdrawing that defense saying the registry goes against Wisconsin's Constitution.

The story from WashingtonPost.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

News 5-17


Filipino President Wars with Bishops

The bishops in the Philippines are standing up for life and the teaching of the Catholic Church, and Filipino president Benigno Aquino wants to charge them with sedition. The Church in the Philippines is being persecuted and restricted.

The story from LifeSiteNews.com

School supported Secret Abortion

A school in New Zealand is found to be arranging abortions for teenage girls... In secret. Here is another example of how the pro-abortion movement is destroying the lives of young women, making them feel alone and separated from their parents.

The story from FoxNews.com

70% of UK disabled fear forced death

As Britain's parliament is being pressured into legalizing euthanasia the young and old alike are sensing their lives are not worth anything to the legal and medical communities. The pro-abortion movement is striking all sides and are showing their hatred for life from conception to natural death.

The story from LifeSiteNews.com

Chinese Patriotic Association threatens ordaining without papal support

A lay-man who claims to lead the entire Chinese Church wants to have ten new bishops be raised by way of "self-election and self-ordination". Anthony Liu Bainian, known as the "black pope of China", has received directives from Pope Benedict XVI saying he is out of line, but Liu does not seem to be listening.

The story from AsiaNews.it

Suicide kits under fire in Oregon

Thirteen years ago Oregon legalized euthanasia, and now you can buy "suicide kits". Recently, after the death of a young man, the people of Oregon are realizing just what legalized suicide means… and they're not happy.

The story from LifeSiteNews.com

MORE News 5-16

Pope Discusses Laity's Role in Social Justice

Pope Benedict XVI met monday for the 50th anniversary of Mater et magistra, blessed John XXIII's encyclical on social justice. Pope Benedict said the laity are "key players" and "partners" in executing the social doctrine of the Church. He also stressed there are "differences of opinion in the application of principles", but to not let these differences be a cause to "omit to do the good that is possible and therefore obligatory."

The story from RadioVaticana.org


With several recent films already release or set to be released this year, it seems Hollywood has changed it's focus to include religion. Has Hollywood finally decided to promote morality on the big screen? Or are they just filling a demand? Either way, maybe there will be some decent films to watch... or at least we can hope.

The story from CatholicWorldReport.com

Zurich voters reject ban on "suicide tourism"

To add to today's story on Catholic News Roundup, voters in Zurich, Switzerland overwhelmingly rejected on Sunday proposed bans on assisted suicide and "suicide tourism" - foreigners traveling to Switzerland to receive help ending their lives.

The story from VancouverSun.com

JPII on trail?

Critics of Blessed John Paul II question whether he should have been beatified. Reporters from the same news outlets who in 2005 were ready to have him beatified immediately are now saying there were too many problems in the Church during Blessed JPII's pontificate. It would seem these reporters don't want to let out late great Holy Father rest in peace.

The story from CatholicExchange.com