Monday, June 18, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 06-15

Seal of Confession Compromised
It's official Catholic priests in Ireland must now break the seal of confession to report child sex abuse according to the country's justice minister.

Rebellious Priests  
A group of American priests are uniting to celebrate and implement what they perceive to be the concepts of the second Vatican Council. 

Building Coptic Confidence

Egyptian Coptic Christians get a spark of hope as the nation’s supreme court declares the six-month old parliament illegal.

Shooting down Sharia
Trying to uproot dangerous militant Islamic forces in Germany the country’s Interior Minister has ordered raids across the country to expose jihadist plots against the government. 

Public Sex-Education
Parents in Onalaska, Washington are calling for the resignation of an elementary school principal furious after their 11-year-old children were taught about oral and anal sex in the classroom. 

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