Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-29

Gag Order
It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Catholic thought - morals - and rights … are being discriminated against in the world marketplace of ideas … and the evidence is all around us… here are some of the headlines: Unless mandate is rescinded ... Dolan Snubbed Post Birth Abortions

Homosexual Teaching Agenda
All Parents in Alberta, Canada could be forced by the government to make sure their children are being taught that homosexuality is okay … according to new legislation.
Catholic Culture

Vatican Cyber-Siege
The Vatican has repelled an assault … not by barbarian hordes this time … but by an army of cyberspace trolls trying to deface the Vatican’s website.
New York Times

GOP Primary Update
Mitt Romney has taken the Michigan and Arizona Primaries overnight … running neck and neck with Rick Santorum to the last minute in the GOP nomination race.
FOX News

Sacred Places Profaned
As attacks on Holy Land sites associated with the life of Christ are become targets of vandalism … custodians of these sacred places are calling on Israeli Prime Minister … Shimon Peres to put an end to the desecration.

Sins of Omission … Hollywood Style
Viewers fell completely in love with the box office hit cinema based on a true story … The Vow … after it came out earlier this month … but the real-life people the movie depicts say a big part of their struggle was left out.
Catholic News Agency

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-28

Court of Public Opinion
Americans are showing an overwhelming disapproval of Obama’s healthcare mandate … as the supreme court hearings on the issue draw closer.
Cybernet News Service

Gay-on-Gay Crime
A Massachusetts assault case of three lesbians attacking a homosexual is raising some questions … one of which is … can the so-called “sexual orientation” of an attacker determine whether or not it is a hate crime?

Mapping Condom Use
Your “Safe” sexual encounters should be shared with the rest of the world … according to Planned Parenthood … and that is exactly what they are encouraging college kids to do with their latest campaign.

Secret Sexting
“Sexting” has become increasingly more popular with tweens and teens in today’s society … and parents should also know … there are phone applications out there that can be used to hide such messages.
FOX News
Sexting Statistics

Legislating Personhood
Virginia and Oklahoma seemed to be in a race to see who would pass personhood legislation first … but now it looks like if it gets passed at all this year … Oklahoma will be carrying it across the finish line.
Lifesite News
National Journal

Monday, February 27, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-27

Texas Takedown
Lone Star State Lawmakers are defunding Planned Parenthood at the expense of losing federal Medicaid altogether … making the message to America’s abortion machine loud and clear … don’t mess with Texas.

Sisters Supporting Obamacare
Nearly two dozen religious communities of sisters have filed an amicus legal brief in support of the so-called “compromise” with the Obamacare mandate … bucking efforts of bishops to fight off an administration bent on parsing and crippling religious liberty rights.
St. Louis Review

Monastery Attacked
Thirty armed men wearing masks attacked a Jesuit monastery in Syria … demanding money and weapons.
Eurasia Review

Michigan Primary Update
Mitt Romney is gaining ground … reclaiming a slight lead over Rick Santorum since the beginning of the weekend … as the clock ticks down to the Michigan Primary tomorrow.
New York Daily News
Real Clear Politics

Gay Marriage Goes to School
Teachers in the United Kingdom are going to be forced to teach school children that so-called homosexual marriage is important … and may even face disciplinary action if they refuse.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-24

Court Denies DOMA
A San Francisco Judge has ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional … a decision that follows the Obama administration refusing to enforce the federal law.
Associated Press

Right of Refusal
The right of Pharmacists to refuse to distribute abortifacient dugs is being protected in Washington state … as a court case that has been raging for five years over the issue is put to rest.
Lifesite News

Bishops Behind Bars
If Bishops don’t like the contraception mandate … they can go to jail … according to a Harvard Administrator in TIME magazine’s Ideas blog.
Cybernet News Service
Catholic World Report

Gay Death Threats
A fourteen year old girl is being subjected to vicious cyberbullying, name calling, and even death threats by homosexual activists … because of comments she made before lawmakers in Maryland.
Lifesite News

Numbers Don’t Lie
Catholic schools are dominating public schools across the U.S. when it comes to literacy and arithmetic … and here are some recently released numbers that show … the score is not even close.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-23

In Harm’s Way
A retired Massachusetts judge says a Catholic mentally ill woman should have been forced into an abortion … defending her attempt to use the power of the bench to crush the dignity and rights of the human person.
Cybernet News Service

Speak for Yourself
Women in America are making a clarification … coming forward to say fighting the Obamacare contraception mandate is not attacking a woman’s right to healthcare.
The Hill

Chilling Arab Spring
An international judo showdown between champions from Israel and Egypt is getting plenty of attention … after the Egyptian Judoku refused to shake his Israeli adversary’s hand at the end of the match.

Euthanasia Election Battle
Presidential Candidates are squaring off over Euthanasia … as election issues loom large across the Atlantic … in the French political race.

Condom Correspondence Service
Free Condoms for your kids in the mail … its’ a new idea being implemented to undermine parents … right from California’s state health department to your mailbox.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-22

Protestant Revolt
Evangelicals and other Protestants are revolting against the Obamacare Health insurance mandate … as thousands of protestant leaders join Catholics to represent religious freedom in the United States.

Court Pressures Obama
Obama is stonewalling court demands that he account for his actions … when he trampled the New Hampshire state government to direct money to Planned Parenthood.

Tenacious Tebow Bill
The media is blasting Virginia legislation that would allow homeschooled children to participate in Public school sports programs … because they say homeschoolers are not good enough.

Obama and the GOP Leaders
While Obama’s job approval rating remains low … Both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have arrived within two points of the White House resident in election matchups.

Congo Catholics Attacked
Peaceful Catholic marchers in the Congo were met with beatings and tear gas by police … as they gathered to march in commemoration of a previous massacre.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Confusing Closings
It’s a scene that is being repeated in Dioceses and Archdioceses all around the country … if not all around the world … as another round of Church closings are announced.
Archdiocese of Detroit

New Viability Standard
A Supreme Court Justice in Alabama says the outcome of Roe vs. Wade in 1973 is erroneous … implementing his determination in the outcome of one of his cases.
FOX News

Virginia’s Unborn Reconsidered
Laws fighting the evils of abortion have pro-death supporters reacting in Richmond Virginia … as what the associated press calls “hundreds” gathered in a silent demonstration outside of the state capitol.
Associated Press

Coercing Canadian Children
Canada’s highest court is condemning religious freedom … ruling that parents cannot pull their children out of a class that exposes them to a host of different religions.

Sex Changes On the Rise
Subjecting children to sex-changes is on the rise in the United States … as it has been in Australia and England among other countries for some time now.
Cybernet News Service

Monday, February 20, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-20

Referendum Required
It’s another case of legislating beyond the will of the people … as homosexual marriage law passes the Maryland House heading to the Senate …while voters in the state vow to fight for a referendum if the bill passes.
Washington Post

Doubtful Consultation
Contrary to Obama’s claims … Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says she didn’t consult with any Catholic Bishops about the so-called religious “accommodation” to Contraception in Obamacare.
Cybernet News Service

Pro-Life Priest Arrested
A Catholic priest and several protesters have been arrested … after praying in front of the White House to show their disapproval of Obama’s contraception mandate.
Lifesite News

Santorum's National Lead
As the GOP frontrunner brought his message to southeast Michigan … this was the scene last Friday … Have a listen.

Jefferson’s Jesus
The same Smithsonian Institution that brought you exhibitions on the homosexual lifestyle … now wants to tell you how much of a genius Thomas Jefferson was for … editing the Bible.
Cybernet News Service

Friday, February 17, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-17

Sacred and Profane Victory
Public prayer at local government meetings in the United Kingdom is now banned … following a precedent-setting court case that Atheists are celebrating.
One News Now

Career Ending Comments
With French elections on the horizon … the President’s political party is kicking one of its members to the curb … for speaking out against homosexuality.
The Blaze

Outrageous Muslim Influence
School officials across the country are forcing Islamic culture into student curricula … causing outrage among students and parents.
Fox News

Brewing Truth an Trouble
A bar in Denver Colorado is booting hundreds of Catholic patrons out … after calling the content of a Theology on Tap event “too controversial.”

Persecution Process
The foundations of a “sophisticated persecution” are being organized to ensnare and punish the Catholic Church … according to Bishop Robert Morlino.
Catholic Culture

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-16

Bishops Media Blitz
Lines are being drawn by the U.S. Catholic Bishops over Obama’s contraception mandate … as they marshal forces for a public relations battle to win support for religious freedom.
Associated Press

E-Mail Sting
Sister Carol Keehan is insisting that she is pro-life after being caught ignoring emails from pro-life organizations … but taking the time for positive interaction with pro-death supporters.
Lifesite News

One Nation Under Atheism
Atheists in Massachusetts are trying to eliminate the mention of God in the public square … and this time one family is upset about the pledge of allegiance.

Santorum's Warming Trend
There may be ice and snow on the ground ... but as the Republican race heads to Michigan for the latest primary... Rick Santorum may be heating things up ... melting away Mitt Romney's poll numbers.
Rasmussen: GOP National
Catholic News Agency

Catholics Reconsidering Obama
The majority of Catholics are disapproving of Obama’s presidential job performance … according to a report released this week.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-15

Faultless French Vote!!!
France says no to legalizing homosexual marriage… after a parliamentary vote preserved true marriage between one man and one woman.
Associated Press
Lifesite News

Abortion Rip Off!!!
A ten year employee of Planned Parenthood is blowing the whistle on America’s abortion Giant … over an alleged multi-million dollar billing scheme that utilized false records to steal government money.

Hopeful Homeschoolers
A Swedish couple separated from their son for the past three years by the government for homeschooling their child … are being allowed to hope … that they might soon get their child back.

Not so Affordable Care Act
Every single American is negatively impacted by Obamacare … according to Former Presidential candidate Michele Bachman … in an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference.
Cybernet News Service: Bachmann
Cybernet News Service: Healthcare Spending
Cybernet News Service: Senior Premiums

Accommodation and Accountability
The Bishops of the United States are clarifying a few things about Obama’s insurance mandate … just to make sure we are on the same page … as Faithful Catholics.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-14

The Magisterium of One
The Catholic Health Association (CHA) is squaring off with America’s Bishop’s over Obama’s Health Insurance Mandate … again.
Catholic Health Associatioan

Opposition Growing
Hardline Political Conservatives are flocking together to oppose Obama’s contraception mandate … calling for the policy to be abolished in order to preserve Constitutional freedom.
Cybernet News Service

Presidential Pass
Many have signed the letter from Notre Dame’s Faculty criticizing the Obamacare mandate … but something important is missing.
National Catholic Register

An American First
The Anglican Ordinariate in the United States has a new head.

Entertaining Bigotry
One Grammy performance from over the weekend has met with resounding disapproval from viewers and organizations alike.
Christian Wire
Youtube Minaj Performance

Monday, February 13, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-13

Confrontation Continues
America’s Bishops are throwing out Obama’s so-called accommodation clause to his insurance mandate … calling it unacceptable … and pointing out the change doesn’t do anything to ensure religious freedom threatened by being forced pay for contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs.
USA Today

Mandate Muddles Popularity
Obama is picking a fight with the Catholic Church that numbers say is taking a chunk out of his popularity … according to a tracking poll released just yesterday.

Breaking the Sex Cycle
And if the Obama administration is successful in trampling religious liberty … you may be seeing more videos – public relations campaigns and school events … intending to hook your kids into a cycle of sexual addiction.

Scholars’ Scorn
They may have given him an honorary degree in 2009 … but this time his report card is getting a big fat F … from one of the country’s most prominent Catholic Colleges.
Cybernet News Service

Cross Dressing Ban
A Suffolk - Virginia school district is considering a ban on cross dressing in class … a decision that is drawing cries of first amendment violations from homosexual activists… and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-10

Unconstitutional Accommodation
Obama is announcing a change in the contraceptive mandate today to do what he says keeps religious employers from violating their consciences when it comes to being forced by the government to accept contraception sterilization and abortion.
FOX News

Line Item Imperialism
Obama may soon have the ability to pick out specific items from new spending bills introduced by congress … as the House of Representatives passes a new law giving Obama a power that has previously been called unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
Cybernet News Service

Catholic Network Sues Administration
EWTN … or the Eternal Word Television Network is suing the Obama administration … for the mandate requiring them to cover sterilization, abortion and contraception under the Obama healthcare mandate.
Lifesite News: EWTN Sues Obama
Lifesite News: Catholic Health Association

Evergreen State Falls to Same Sex Marriage
Homosexual marriage in Washington State will be signed into law by its dissenting Catholic Governor … Chris Gregoire … now that the State House has passed the legislation following the Senate’s vote last week.

Santorum Gaining Support
Rick Santorum is trying to setup another surge as he comes off of his recent three-state sweep … trying to raise money as he prepares for upcoming events in the Western part of the country.

Door to Door Death
On call suicide at home will be available soon in the Netherlands … made possible by a private company … so that you can kill yourself even if your doctor cites ethical reasons for refusing to end your life.
Lifesite News

Pro-Life Smart Phones
If you thought Apple’s voice recognition application … Siri … was pro-life for refusing to guide people to abortion clinics … wait ‘til you hear Verizon’s new android application quote the Bible to prove her point.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-09

Strong-Arming Contraception
Have you checked your daughter’s arms for signs of minor surgery lately?
Parents in the United Kingdom are finding out that their little girls are being injected with contraceptive implants without their knowledge or permission.
The Telegraph

Contraception Crisis
While the teaching of the Catholic Church adamantly condemns contraception … it is being confirmed the majority of Catholic Americans are dissenting on the issue in disturbing numbers.
Public Religion Research Institute

Congressional Criticism
Obamacare’s contraception mandate is drawing the critical eye of 154 members of congress … who are asking the Obama administration to reverse the unconstitutional legislation.
Catholic News Agency
Cybernet News Service

Mutilated Motto
Atheists have had their way with the Air Force’s old motto … yet again removing the mention of God from anything in the public sphere.
The Hill

Planned Parenthood’s Dark Cloud
After nearly 100 million dollars in alleged fraud and mafia-style shakedowns of organizations like Komen for the Cure ... the largest murderer of unborn children is still asking us to believe that they are in the healthcare business.
Cybernet News Service

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-08

Prop 8—Deep sixed
The California Supreme court has made homosexual marriage legal … again.
FOX News

Candy Bars and Contraceptives
Coming to a Campus vending machine near you … Plan B contraceptives.

Forced Resignation
A Komen for the Cure Vice President has resigned … while ducking media fire seeking to pin her as the driving force behind the organization’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood.
Los Angeles Times
Washington Post

Surprise Support
The media is licking its chops over a seemingly "surprise" rise in Obama' polling numbers topping out at a 50 percent approval rating ... while other polls are reporting that support for Romney has fallen ... in states where he recently won Republican primaries.

Al Qaeda Activist Released
A Muslim cleric is released from a British prison on bail ... after his lawyers succeed in fighting extradition to Jordan where he is facing terror charges in two bombings.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-07

Extraordinary Injustice
2,400 dollars a week is a hefty fee to pay to homeschool your own children …. but that’s how much the Swedish government is fining a Jewish Rabbi’s family … unless they put their kids in public schools immediately.
The Blaze

Catholic School Conundrum
Chicago’s Catholic School classrooms are filling up … even if Bishops in other cities are giving up and closing school doors on their turf.
Associated Press

Deadly Silence
A new court ruling says you can help someone commit suicide in Georgia ... as long as you don't publicize it.
Associated Press

Orthodoxy Outs Obamacare
More forces are gathering behind the effort to oppose the Obamacare mandate forcing contraception, abortion and sterilization on Catholics … as the Orthodox Bishops in the United States join the fight.
Assembly of Orthodox Bishops

Media’s-Islamic Influence
An activist group tied to the Muslim Brotherhood is taking advantage of a recent scandal in Britain … to try pushing the government into restricting the Media’s criticism of Islam.
Stonegate Institute

Monday, February 6, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-06

Battle from Within
The Army is taking a fight to its own Catholic Chaplains … as it tried to keep them from reading the Bishop’s letter … calling all Catholics to resist the Obamacare mandate that forces the faithful to accept contraception, abortion and sterilization.
National Review

Classroom Activism
Your children are going to be taught tolerance of deviant same-sex lifestyles … starting in Kindergarten … if you live in Washington, D.C.
Washington Post

Dual Indian State
Sharia Law has made its mark ... in a region of India known as Kashmir ... essentially creating two governing systems.
Cybernet News Service

GOP Nomination Race
If the election were held today ... Rick Santorum would beat Obama by a small margin of 1% ... with Santorum getting 78% of the Republican vote ... according to a new Rasmussen poll.

Komen--About Face
You may remember - last week - we reported with some suspicion ... the decision of "Komen for the Cure" to defund Planned Parenthood ... as many pro-lifers rushed to turn pink with admiration for what appeared to be a victory.
Associated Press

Friday, February 3, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-03

Washington State Marriage Battle
Homosexual marriage may soon be legal in Washington State as a bill passes in the Senate and heads to the State House of Representatives.
CNS News

CHA Questions Mandate
The Head of the Catholic Health Association was once a supporter of Obamacare … but now she’s not so sure.
America Magazine

Fighting Filipino Terrorism
Southeast Asia’s most wanted terrorist is being reported dead … killed in the Philippines by a U.S. backed air strike.
Fox News

Primary Concern
The Florida Primary may not be over … as Newt Gingrich is making claims that may designate more delegates to his cause in the GOP race for presidential nomination.
The Blaze

The Longest Knot
In a world where divorce, adultery and cohabitation seem to be the norm … it is important for young people to be reminded that marriages can be successful.
Fr. Z's Blog

Catholic News Roundup 02-02

Constitutional Questions Stonewalled
The White House Press Secretary says forcing Catholics to accept a law that eradicates their right to religious liberty … does not challenge their constitutional rights.
Cybernet News Service

“Pro Life Komen?” Doubtful.
Pro-lifers are celebrating media reports that Komen for the Cure is cutting ties with Planned Parenthood … but don’t start putting on your pink ribbons just yet.
Associated Press

Media Frenzy
Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua … the former Archbishop of Philadelphia has passed away … dying in his sleep after serving the Archdiocese for fifteen years.
Associated Press

Romney Romps Florida
Mitt Romney has won the Florida Primary … and as Candidates prep strategies heading into their state tours before Super Tuesday … he is now the first candidate to have a serious edge in the GOP nomination race.
FOX News
Gallup Poll Tracker

Oklahoma Comeback
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is making a comeback in Oklahoma … with a new bill … in the State House of Representatives … that would forbid homosexuals from openly serving in the National Guard.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 02-01

Will Not Comply
America’s Bishops are publicly defying the Obama administration … saying the Catholic Church will not comply with the unconstitutional demands of the so-called Affordable Care Act.

GOP Healthcare Plans
While Obamacare is challenging the constitutional right to religious freedom in this country … the healthcare plans of Republican candidates are being scrutinized as well.
Cybernet News Service
FOX News

El Paso Bishop Sued
Father Rodriguez’s former parishioners say… turnabout is fair play … and now they are suing the Bishop who sued Father Rodriguez.
ABC News

U.N.’s Gay Agenda
The United Nations is demanding that African Nations treat homosexuals as a protected class … as its attempt to corrupt countries through a kind of gay imperialism continues.

False Witness
Abuse allegations in Ireland are spiraling out of control … evidenced by the recent spate of false accusations being brought against nuns in the Emerald Isle.
The Tablet