Thursday, July 7, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 07-07

Cuomo and Holy Communion

After the same sex marriage bill was signed into law in New York the Bishop of Brooklyn has barred Governor Andrew Cuomo and other New York Catholic Politicians who voted for the Gay marriage bill from events on Catholic Properties.

Obama Attacks Marriage

The Obama Administration is completely turning on marriage as the Department of Justice takes sides in a court case with a mission to destroy true marriage in America.

Same-Sex Indoctrination Law

A bill that would require public schools to teach children gay history in social studies classes has passed both chambers in California and is now being sent to the governor’s desk.

Vaccine Law Endangers Children

Bishops in California are adamantly opposing a bill that would allow young children to take dangerous vaccinations for sexually transmitted diseases without their Parents’ consent or knowledge.

Immoral Economics

When it comes to earning your keep the Los Angeles Times points out that the state’s embryonic stem cell research company is dead weight.

Win a Baby

A new British lottery launches this month offering artificially conceived babies as prizes.

India Offers Prizes for Sterilization

This summer, health officials in India are offering the chance to win cars, televisions, motorcycles, and blenders in exchange for contestants being sterilized.

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