Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catholic News roundup 07-28

Court Kills Life Case

The killing of embryos in the name of research will continue as the Obama administration ignores another clear-cut federal law and the Federal Court throws out the case filed against federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

And a story from earlier this month from

Obamacare Challenge Goes Supreme

The highest court in the land will evaluate the Thomas More Law Center's case against Obamacare in an appeal after U.S. Circuit Court ruled in favor of the White House administration.

TMLC Petition PDF

Cross Injures Atheists

Atheists are suing for the removal of a cross made out of steel girders that has taken its place at the memorial of 9/11 that is currently under construction.

Cruelty in Cuba

Government thugs have attacked a group of women in Cuba beating and stoning them after stripping them naked to the waist.

Traditional Priest Beaten

A priest faithful to the Traditional Latin Mass has been physically beaten and sent to the emergency room for his conservatism in celebrating the liturgy.


Kids Banned From Public

An increasingly popular trend is grabbing the attention of big business and muscling parents into second-class citizenship.

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