Friday, July 29, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 07-29

St. Philip's Tomb Discovered

Finally after a search that has gone on for years the tomb of Saint Philip the Apostle has been discovered in a southwestern province of Turkey.

Same-Sex History Referendum

California's Secretary of State has given the go-ahead for the collection of signatures of citizens against the new law that forces the homosexual indoctrination of children in public schools.

Underage Marriage Nonexistent

One of the highest Muslim Religious clerics in Saudi Arabia has issued a fatwa calling pedophilia marriage.

Family Redefined in Colombia

The first step on the slippery slope of same-sex culture is being taken by Colombia now that the country's Constitutional Court has redefined their definition of the family to include homosexuals.

Obama Sues Life Counselor

The Justice Department is suing an elderly sidewalk counselor for 25 thousand dollars accusing the senior citizen of violating the Federal Access to Clinic Entrances Act otherrwise known as FACE.

Malta Legalizes Divorce

The final official steps have been taken in the Catholic country of Malta's Parliament to make divorce legal.

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