Monday, July 11, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 07-11

The World’s Newest Country

South Sudan has formally declared its independence after a 2005 peace deal between the north and south.

Bishops Under Duress

In an effort to ordain more bishops without papal mandate … the Chinese Communist government is trying to force a bishop to take part in an ordination scheduled for this Thursday.

Rainbow Mass in Boston

The gay mass scheduled for this weekend in the Beantown archdiocese took place on Sunday… as St. Cecilia’s parish opened its doors to crowd larger than that of Easter Sunday.

Gay Indoctrination Going National

The Department of Education has decided to make sure children are exposed to homosexuality in their extracurricular activities.

Pro-life Picket

Protestors in a Detroit, Michigan suburb squared off in front of a Planned Parenthood fundraiser this past weekend … but what secular media sources are calling a confrontational clash… was really a celebration of life in the face of the culture of death. (article before rally) (article after rally)

Father Cutie’ Not so Cutie

A former Catholic Priest will be launching his new syndicated television show today.

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