Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 07-14

Open Priest Rebellion

Priest in Austria are openly defying the Church calling for a reform of liturgical practices and for the installment of married and women priests.

Abortifacient Exposed

A report by the FDA has exposed the abortion drug RU 486 as a highly dangerous alternative to abortion.

Not so Fast

In an unexpected move a circuit court judge has temporarily blocked the motion for the State of Illinois to terminate its contracts with Catholic Charities.

Planned Parenthood Cutting Costs

America’s abortion giant is slashing budgets all over the country to cover gaps in funding that states are no longer providing.

Heroic News Hits the Internet

Heroic Media a pro-life advertising agency that seeks to inform women about their pregnancy options has launched a news service meant to evangelize the uninformed on the latest key life issues.

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