Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 01-18

“A” Listing Africa
Planned Parenthood has its eye on Africa … announcing that it wants to increase what it calls “abortion services” on the continent by 82 percent … setting this goal for the year 2015.
Cybernet News Service

Ireland’s Unborn Threatened
Ireland is being forced to change its abortion law … thanks to the insistence of their masters in the European Union.
Irish Times

Minors Abusing Minors
Sexual abuse between children as young as five is running wild throughout Australia’s State of Victoria … as experts decry the availability of porn to the young on portable devices as the cause.
Lifesite News

Pakistani Persecution
After a year of bloody religious persecution … Pakistani Bishops are calling for the Federal Ministry for Human rights to take action and protect religious minorities.
Catholic Culture
Catholic Culture: Persecution in Review

Celebrity and Sanctification
In Hollywood it’s hard to find Catholics today … much less good practicing Catholics … but Mark Wahlberg tells CNN … his Faith is what has made him who he is.

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