Friday, January 20, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 01-20

Archdiocese Honors Pro-Abort Politician
Catholic Charities has chosen to honor a pro-abortion … pro-homosexual former Mayor of Washington D.C. … with the March for Life only a few short days away.
Catholic Culture

Scotland’s Abortion Battle
Two nurses are suing Scotland’s largest health board … in another battle demonstrating conscience rights for health care professionals’ are front line of the abortion fight.
BBC News

Politics of Hate
Pro-life initiatives are being labeled as “hate-groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for their stance against homosexuality … prompting demonstrations in the streets.
Lifesite News

2012 Presidential Election Coverage
Just a quick update on the race for the GOP Presidential Nomination … It is being announced that as Rick Perry drops out … Rick Santorum is being declared the winner of the recent Iowa Caucuses after a recount of votes.

Islamic Misconception
Muslim Sharia Law is comparable to Catholic Canon Law, Jewish Halacha practices, even the U.S. Constitution … according one Islamic organization’s recent public statement.
Cybernet News Service

Teacher Tolerance Training
A well-known gay rights activist group has produced a film to help grade school teachers and parents learn how to talk about the topic of homosexuality with their students.
Cybernet News Service

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