Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 01-31

Grim Reaper’s Cure
Killing disabled people to harvest their organs is perfectly okay … according to two of the most widely recognized bioethicists in the United States.

Gingrich Defending Life
Newt Gingrich is hardening his political line against embryonic stem cell research … perhaps hoping to highlight some of Romney’s shortcomings on life issues.
Washington Post

Challenging Catholic Education
A Canadian Catholic high school principal may be punished … because he stopped a homosexual activist group from setting up shop on campus.
Toronto: The Star

Honor Killing Verdict
A Canadian jury has sentenced three people to life in prison … after a Muslim honor killing leaves three dead … while the judge labels it a matter of domestic violence.
FOX News

CAIR-ful Training
What I am referring to is the idea that the Council of American Islamic Relations or CAIR --C-A-I-R … is being allowed to influence the New York Police Department’s anti-terrorism training curricula.
One News Now

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