Friday, January 27, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 01-27

Nigeria’s Muslim Agression
Thousands flee northern Nigeria … and 185 are dead after coordinated bomb attacks by Islamic terrorists late last week.
Catholic News Agency
Associated Foreign Press

Undiplomatic Maneuvers
In an unprecedented move … the most recently appointed Nuncio to the United States is calling the Vatican corrupt … and referring to his newest assignment as a punishment.
Associated Press
National Catholic Reporter

Questioning Candidacy
Obama is being subpoenaed in a Georgia court … as judicial officials question his eligibility as a 2012 presidential candidate on the Peach State ballot.
World Net Daily

New Spanking Law
Big Brother can put you in prison with a minimum ten year sentence for spanking your child … if a newly proposed law passes in Mississippi.
Lifesite News

State of the Union Demand
Obama is urging all states to raise their compulsory school attendance laws to age 18 … giving parents the impression that he has no respect for what they think about when their child should be out of high school.
Charisma News

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