Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 01-19

Seismic Omission
The Catholic Church is showing signs of weakness in America … in what some call a seismic shift in the Church … and others are calling a seismic omission.
National Catholic Reporter

Stealing Sweden’s Children
Kidnapping is being endorsed by a politician in Sweden … in order to discourage the freedom of families to homeschool their children.
Lifesite News

Forced Sterilization Stopped
A woman ordered by a Massachusetts court to be sterilized and have her child aborted … is now being protected after her case was appealed.
The Boston Globe

Growing the Catholic Vote
Mitt Romney’s religious roots are shallow at best regarding the issues that really matter for Catholic voters … but he seems to be gaining ground with them anyway… as the South Carolina Primary draws closer.
The Washington Examiner

Unequal Treatment
A little girl denied a kidney transplant because doctors have described her as mentally retarded is now receiving public support … and might get the treatment she needs.

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