Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 01-26

Battling Same Sex Marriage
The fight is on for the legalization of so-called gay marriage in three states … as lawmakers in two of the three states push for referendums on the issue.
The Seattle Times
Associated Press
Cybernet News Service

Sex Ed and Scouting
Ties to Planned Parenthood have one Virginia Catholic parish kicking the Girl Scouts out.

Fighting Fetal Flavoring
The disturbing practice of using aborted fetuses as ingredients in food products or in flavor testing will be banned in Oklahoma, if one senator has his way.

Other Mandate Options
There are other ways to force you to buy healthcare if the mandate in Obamacare fails … according to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
The Hill
VIDEO: The Daily Show

Abortion Study Debunked
Claims are being made in a recent study that abortion is safer than childbirth … quoting a medical student and biased doctors who work for a company that lobbies for unprescribed Plan B contraceptives.
Lifesite News

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