Monday, May 16, 2011

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Pope Discusses Laity's Role in Social Justice

Pope Benedict XVI met monday for the 50th anniversary of Mater et magistra, blessed John XXIII's encyclical on social justice. Pope Benedict said the laity are "key players" and "partners" in executing the social doctrine of the Church. He also stressed there are "differences of opinion in the application of principles", but to not let these differences be a cause to "omit to do the good that is possible and therefore obligatory."

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With several recent films already release or set to be released this year, it seems Hollywood has changed it's focus to include religion. Has Hollywood finally decided to promote morality on the big screen? Or are they just filling a demand? Either way, maybe there will be some decent films to watch... or at least we can hope.

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Zurich voters reject ban on "suicide tourism"

To add to today's story on Catholic News Roundup, voters in Zurich, Switzerland overwhelmingly rejected on Sunday proposed bans on assisted suicide and "suicide tourism" - foreigners traveling to Switzerland to receive help ending their lives.

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JPII on trail?

Critics of Blessed John Paul II question whether he should have been beatified. Reporters from the same news outlets who in 2005 were ready to have him beatified immediately are now saying there were too many problems in the Church during Blessed JPII's pontificate. It would seem these reporters don't want to let out late great Holy Father rest in peace.

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