Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 05-26

Diocese opens chapel next to abortion

North Dakota has one abortion clinic in the entire state, and the Diocese of Fargo is taking steps to shut it down. The diocese is opening a new chapel next door and Mass and Eucharistic adoration will be offered at the chapel. The power of prayer is the way to achieve a state free of abortion clinics.

Government restricts churches in Egypt

Egypt has enacted a new law giving the government authority to supervise the financial resources of churches. Similarly, the government is demanding that churches change their architecture to remove any crosses and domes. Without directly persecuting the Christians of the country, Egypt is discriminating against anyone not a muslim.

More on the monastery in Rome

Reported earlier was that the monster of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme was closed by the Holy Father but the reason was unknown. It has now been released that the community organized disco dances in the basilica.


Parents keep a child's gender under wraps

The world is constantly changing and so are opinions on the importance of gender; so a Canadian couple are not releasing whether their new child is a boy or a girl. They believe it is "a tribute to freedom and choice".

Fund abortions or don't get funding for medicaid in your state

President Obama is threatening to cut Medicaid to Indiana as the state implements a new law ending some tax subsidies for abortion providers. The government is doing more than just meddling in the affairs of a state; it is actively promoting the killing of unborn children.

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Monica said...

Re: withholding Medicaid funds to Indiana. This amounts to a "federal religion" shakedown. Who appointed Obama Pope of the USA?