Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Police probe eBay posting to sell Michigan toddler

A woman in the Western Michigan township of Allendale was testing out eBay… and was using to two year-old relative as a guinea pig. The nineteen year-old woman says the auction "wasn't meant to be taken seriously". It may be good for a laugh now, but let's remember some respect for human life.

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Mass intention for Osama bin Laden?

A Florida parish bulletin showed a Mass intention for the repose of the soul of Osama bin Laden. Should Catholics pray for the soul of a terrorist mastermind? The answer of course is yes, it brings up many good questions.

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Anon said...

Private prayers are different that offering a public Mass for the repose of his soul. The later is prohibited the last time I checked. Even a private Mass might be questionable.

Simon Rafe said...

Dunno when you checked, but this post from Fr Z (referencing this post from Dr. Peters) makes it clear it is NOT prohibited (although certain things are prohibited and it can be viewed as pastorally foolish).

As Dr. Peters makes clear, it is permissble to offer a Mass for anyone, living or dead.

Anon said...

I stand corrected! Thank you for taking the time to point me in the right direction.