Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 05-31

Maltese Catholics Cave In

The Catholic Country of Malta has approved legalizing divorce. Accepting divorce as a real option is just the first step for a country to lose respect for life and respect for family.



Campaign Kicks Homosexual Education

Legislators in Brazil have backed an internet campaign driving President Dilma Roussef to suspend a U.N. sanctioned program promoting the homosexual agenda.


Filipino President's Forked Tongue

He used to say the population needs to be controlled; now he says he depends on a growing population to contribute to economic growth. Hopefully he will follow the advice from the bishops of his country who remain faithful to Catholic teaching and oppose President Aquino's population control bill.


Illinois Ousts Catholic Adoption Efforts

By recognizing gay marriages and giving same sex couples many of the privileges as married couples, Illinois is shutting down Catholic Adoption agencies. With the passing of these new laws, the Catholic charities are not able to remain open and still be faithful to the teaching.



Abortion Anesthetist Infects His Patients

It is coming to light quite frequently these days that abortionists are not "concerned with the health of women" as they so often love to say. Here is just another example in Australia.


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