Monday, May 16, 2011

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Filipino President Wars with Bishops

The bishops in the Philippines are standing up for life and the teaching of the Catholic Church, and Filipino president Benigno Aquino wants to charge them with sedition. The Church in the Philippines is being persecuted and restricted.

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School supported Secret Abortion

A school in New Zealand is found to be arranging abortions for teenage girls... In secret. Here is another example of how the pro-abortion movement is destroying the lives of young women, making them feel alone and separated from their parents.

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70% of UK disabled fear forced death

As Britain's parliament is being pressured into legalizing euthanasia the young and old alike are sensing their lives are not worth anything to the legal and medical communities. The pro-abortion movement is striking all sides and are showing their hatred for life from conception to natural death.

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Chinese Patriotic Association threatens ordaining without papal support

A lay-man who claims to lead the entire Chinese Church wants to have ten new bishops be raised by way of "self-election and self-ordination". Anthony Liu Bainian, known as the "black pope of China", has received directives from Pope Benedict XVI saying he is out of line, but Liu does not seem to be listening.

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Suicide kits under fire in Oregon

Thirteen years ago Oregon legalized euthanasia, and now you can buy "suicide kits". Recently, after the death of a young man, the people of Oregon are realizing just what legalized suicide means… and they're not happy.

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