Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Extraordinary form celebrated at St. Peter's

Following Pope Benedict XVI's renewed support for the Tridentine Mass, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller celebrated the extraordinary form of the Mass at the high altar of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

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Gay-affirmative sex-ed document distributed in Argentina

The UN is pushing an anti-family agenda in Christian South America. The Argentinian government is promoting homosexual couples as a type of "family". this is a direct attack against traditional marriage.

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U.S. Aid to Pakistan

The United States government is again sending aid to Pakistan, and this time it includes for $122 million for a project including "family planning'. So tax dollars are being spent for what pro-lifers fight against every day.

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Vatican orders all bishops to set up guidelines

Pope Benedict XVI has recognized sexual abuse as a global scourge, not an American aberration. A new Vatican letter is intended to establish "a certain homogeneity" in how bishops respond to accusations against their priests. It stresses that priests are innocent until proven guilty and devotes more space to what it terms the "support of priests".

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Hospitals allowed to refuse abortions

The state of Utah has enacted the Abortion Freedom of Conscience law allowing hospitals in Utah to refuse to perform abortions. The sponsor of the bill says "this is just one more step wee can take to uphold the principles of protecting the unborn.

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