Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boston Archdiocesan Official Raising Funds for Pro-Abortion President

Below is an article from Boston Catholic Insider regarding Obama's fundraiser in Boston:

The Chair of the Boston Archdiocese Finance Council Institutional Advancement Committee, Jack Connors, is creating scandal in Boston by advancing the pro-abortion agenda of Pres. Obama via a $2 million fund-raising extravaganza he is hosting at his home this evening, May 18. This act scandalizes faithful Catholics in the archdiocese by making it seem that it's OK to be Catholic and pro-abortion, as well as students in the Catholic schools that Jack Connors claims to be helping.
Since the Archdiocese of Boston has not addressed this ongoing scandal, Catholics are now writing to the Holy See to ask them to take action to prevent this scandal from continuing in the future. .Please help us stop the ongoing scandal by spreading word of the "Stop the Scandal" campaign described below.
As one commenter said, "Advancing the most powerful supporter of abortion in this country is NOT what the chair of the Boston Archdiocese Finance Council Institutional Advancement Committee should be advancing."
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