Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 11-02

Irish Rebellion
Over five hundred priests in Ireland are dissenting from Catholic teaching … publicly voicing their demands for women priests and the removal of celibacy from the Catholic priesthood … saying Vatican II didn’t deliver.
Irish Central

Episcopal Pornography
German bishops are under investigation ... after the discovery of some dirty secrets involving the porn industry for over a decade.
Lifesite News

Bishops Threaten Lawsuit
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is threatening to sue Obama’s Health and Human Services Department … after the department has defunded their efforts to help human trafficking victims.
The Washington Post

Jesuit Drag
Standards of decency and morality have gone way off kilter at a Chicago Jesuit college … exhibited by Loyola University’s annual drag show.
The Cardinal Newman Society

Save The Humans
Environmentalists are picking a fight … sparking controversy over the previously taboo issue of linking endangered animals to population control … through condom distribution.

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