Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Catholic News Service 11-08

Political Imposition
We took our RealCatholicTV.com cameras to Oak Park Michigan … where Catholics have successfully defended holy ground … after the Archdiocese of Detroit almost allowed abortion and homosexual activist Congressman Gary Peters to speak at a local Parish.

Debbie’s Democracy
The Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is publicly calling Christian Ideas that define life as starting at conception as radical and extreme.
Cybernet News Service

Those Dangerous Christians
Even though Muslim violence against Christians looms large in the news across the world … one Islamic group is warning mosques in Detroit, Michigan to beef up security against what they call potential Christian violence against Muslims.

Nigerians Fight Gay Marriage
Pro-Family supporters in Nigeria are defying the United Kingdom and gay rights groups … as the most populous country in Africa rallies around a proposed law to make homosexual marriage illegal throughout the country.
Lifesite News

Blood Ban Broken!!!
Homosexual men in the United Kingdom are now allowed to donate blood … as a lifetime ban blocking homosexual blood donations … put in place in the 1980’s … has been lifted.

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