Friday, November 18, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 11-18

Canadian Test Case
It’s being labeled as a test case for religious freedom and free speech across Canada as a high-profile sportscaster files suit against his employer … after being fired for speaking out in defense of traditional marriage.
The National Post

Prop 8 Propped Up Again
Proposition 8 is coming back to court … after a unanimous ruling of the California Supreme Court that says sponsors of the bill do indeed have the right to appeal a court decision that struck down the law.
Fox News

Demanding Deviance
Homosexual activists in New Jersey are being told “no” as they continue to demand legalized same-sex marriage.

Atheistic Hate Crimes
Ten North Carolina churches are badly damaged as vandals go on a rampage.

Saving Santa
The war on Christmas has been officially kicked off with a small victory for the Christian tradition of Santa Claus.

Sacrilegious Spoof
Former playboy playmate and sex tape celebrity Pamela Anderson has been selected to play the Virgin Mary in what Reuters News Service says will be a comic spoof on the Nativity.

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