Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 11-30

Persecution Predicted
The Obama Administration’s term in office is vivifying predictions of a full-on persecution of the Roman Catholic Church in America … causing one of the highest Church’s highest ranking officials to warn America’s Bishops of the impending danger.
Lifesite News

Refreshing Relations
Strained relations between Ireland and The Vatican may be eased … as Pope Benedict names Monsignor Charles Brown the new Apostolic Nuncio to the Emerald Isle.
Catholic News Service

Sins of Omission
Notre Dame … a Catholic College … doesn’t seem to be too concerned that its internet network is providing pornography in large quantities to students on campus.
Cardinal Newman Society

False Force
No price is apparently too great for the American Air Force to accommodate every religion at its academy in Colorado Springs … especially since they just spent 80 thousand dollars building a worship center for all three pagan cadets at the school.
The Church Report

Tempting Tebow
Though critics are calling for football sensation Tim Tebow … the young Quarterback for the Denver Broncos … to tone down his repeated and frequent expressions of Christian Faith … he adamantly says he will not acquiesce.
Lifesite News

Papal Traffic Perp
The pope is being prosecuted for breaking the law in Germany … because he didn’t wear his seatbelt in the popemobile.
The Local

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