Thursday, November 3, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 11-03

Planned Parenthood Pummeled
After a long budget battle has reached its conclusion …Planned Parenthood is now completely defunded in the state of Tennessee.
Lifesite News

Planned Parent Preoccupied
Planned Parenthood is joining the ranks of the Occupy movement in Florida … decrying corporate greed and what they call a violation of women’s rights in the same breath.

Nursing Nightmare
Twelve pro-life nurses in the state of New Jersey are being forced to take part in the death of the unborn … as hospital management seeks to trample their conscience clause rights.
Catholic News Agency

In Obama We Trust
Obama has found more to mock than just the latest bills passing through the House … now he is taking shots at God as well.

Catholic Socialism
The stage is being set for a unique debate … claiming that Catholic economic thinking leans toward socialism … while protestant economic practices more strongly support Capitalism.

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