Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 11-30

Voting and Violence
Forty people have died violent deaths over the past week … ramping up to parliamentary elections this week in Cairo … after which many are predicting the Muslim Brotherhood will be confirmed as a powerful force in Egyptian government.
Cybernet News Service

Due Process Denied
The senate is gearing up for a vote on a bill that has many Americans concerned over their Fifth Amendment rights … or to be protected from government abuse of legal procedures.
Conservative Hideout

Sharing the Blame
According to the Associated Press … the Church’s moral voice has been muted by a number of problems … particularly when it comes to the sex abuse scandal.
Associated Press

Heathrow Harassment
We aren’t even talking about security checks here … a Christian woman who worked at the Heathrow International airport is accusing her employer of “unfair dismissal.”
The Telegraph

Little Jihad
The heaviest naturally born baby in the history of Germany is making headlines for more than just his weight … his Muslim mother has named him after none other than the war Islam wages relentlessly against unbelievers.

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