Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 11-21

New Venue – Same Message?
It’s a change of venue but the message is the same … as pro homosexual and pro-abortion politicians keep trying to coerce Catholics into dissenting from Church Teaching.

Critical Merge
According to an article in Our Sunday Visitor … the Archbishop of New York … Timothy Dolan … is describing the merging, repurposing and elimination of some northeast US seminary facilities and faculties … as giving “flesh and blood” to the New Evangelization envisioned by Blessed Pope John Paul II.
Our Sunday Visitor

Canada to Repeal Hate Speech Clause
Canadians nationwide are celebrating what seems to be the death blow of a law that has been used to persecute Christians and conservatives for years.
Lifesite News

Benedict Vs. Benetton
It may be the first legal brief in history to be sealed with a kiss … as the Vatican is now suing the fashion house Benetton … over a series of advertisements showing a photoshopped image of the Holy Father, Benedict XVIth ... kissing the Muslim Imam Sheik Ahmed al-Tayeb.

Pope Benedict XVI in Africa
The National Catholic Reporter is expressing surprise at Pope Benedict XVIth’s astuteness and powers of observations regarding Africa’s’s most pressing needs… as Our Holy Father completed his pilgrimage to the continent over the weekend.
National Catholic Reporter

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