Friday, December 2, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 12-02

Botched Bill
A State judge is refusing to dismiss a suit challenging the recent legalization of homosexual marriage in New York … on grounds that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tactics used to pass the bill may have broken the state’s open meeting laws.
Wall Street Journal

Chaplaincy Conscience Clause
After the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell … The Senate is amending the 2012 Defense Authorization Bill to allow all chaplains serving the military the choice … by law … to refuse to perform same sex marriages if their conscience prompts them to.

Lame Lay Plan
As the crisis in the Church around the country worsens … the Archdiocese of Detroit has decided to solve some of its financial problems and a shrinking priest population … by closing more parishes.

Censoring Siri
The latest operating system’s voice for the new iphone 4S … named Siri by her creators … is capturing the hearts of pro-lifers … even if Apple is calling her so-called bias a “glitch.”

Mocking Virginity
Cable television’s The Learning Channel (TLC) … says it wants to celebrate the choice of virginity in its latest reality special … as it sets up to premier “Virgin Diaries” this Sunday … a reality special many critics are already decrying as the networks latest “gawk” piece.
ABC News

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