Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 12-07

Awaiting FDA Decision
Your children may soon have unrestricted access to the morning after pill … depending on the outcome of a request made by its manufacturer to the Food and Drug Administration.
Fox News

Fighting Faith
Anti-Faith Sentiment in the armed forces is becoming worse … after a military hospital tried implementing a policy that would forbid the family members of wounded soldiers from bringing them religious materials of any kind.

Hidden Hollywood…
Another cesspool of pedophilia is being revealed in the wake of the recent scandals at the Universities of Pennsylvania and Syracuse … this time in America’s entertainment industry—Hollywood.
Fox News

Catholic Vote Called Out
Some hard hitting campaign commercials may be coming to your area … with the message that it is a sin for a Catholic to vote for the most pro-death president in history of America … Barack Obama.
God Discussion

Operation Sacred Soil
A new Organization is taking the initiative to defend the Roman Catholic Faith in our country’s parishes and schools.

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