Friday, December 23, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 12-23

Updated Aortion Debate
A Canadian Member of Parliament is calling for the abortion debate to be reopened in his country … saying the principles on which abortion is legalized are quite frankly …old fashioned.
The National Post

Population Implosion
Several states in the U.S. are declining in population … as the country’s replacement rate slows down on the whole … with the slowest growth over the year since the post-World War II Baby Boom began.

Congressional Minority Pushes Probe
Congress says it’s concerned about profiling and targeting Muslim-Americans … because of the relationship between the New York City Police department and the CIA.
Associated Press

Christmas Hate Crime
Police in Yonkers New York are searching for those responsible for over a dozen acts of theft and vandalism across the city ... involving nativity scenes and statues of Our Lady.

And finally ... just when you thought you knew the real meaning of Christmas ... it’s time to head on over to YouTube for an unbiased holiday message from the community-organizer-in-chief ... Barack Obama.

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