Monday, December 12, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 12-12

Plummeting Performance Rating
While concern over religious freedom in the United States is climbing … Barack Obama’s job approval rating is falling rapidly … particularly in his own party.
Fox News

Defunding Religious Freedom
The Obama Administration appears to be balking on promises to look into reinstating the U.S. Religious Freedom Commission … which its chairman … Leonard Leo says could have “catastrophic” results.
Catholic News Agency

Homosexual Agenda Check
One hundred seven Catholic universities across America have been identified as permitting homosexual activist student clubs to form on campus … as tallied up by an organization that is now making an appeal to the campus presidents of the colleges.
TFP Student Action

Obscene Christmas Tree
Students at a college in the Keystone State are fighting back … as school officials will do nothing to remove a Christmas tree that mocks Christianity and one of its most significant religious holidays.

Pope Plans Trip to Mexico and Cuba

Its official … Pope Benedict XVIth will be traveling to Cuba and Mexico in 2012.
The Associated Press

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