Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 12-06

Kinda Catholic
While Newt Gingrich … a Catholic Convert since 2009… has been very successful in winning the Catholic vote according to recent polls … he seems to be fickle at best when it comes to whether or not he adamantly supports the teachings of the Church on Life or not.
ABC News
Cybernet News Service

Conscience on Trial
A student from a public university in Georgia is filing an appeal in court after being threatened with expulsion for trying to exercise her conscience rights by expressing her discomfort with counseling homosexuals.
LifeSite News

Court Rule’s … School’s Out
The Supreme Court is pushing the envelope in the Church State battle … with a ruling that will ban Christian services from public schools in New York City.
Associated Press

Faith for Atheists
The natural longing of the human soul to be reunited with its Creator through Faith is becoming a matter of interest to Atheist Scientists … according to a new study.

World’s Biggest Tree
Bendict XVI will light up the world’s biggest Christmas tree later this week … in the Italian province of Umbria.
Vatican Insider

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