Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 12-13

Lawless Abortions
Though abortion recommendations are given regularly by doctors in the United Kingdom to women on grounds of mental health … recently published information in the medical field only supports moral law on the subject … saying they are illegal.

Signs of Life
A law to protect the unborn is only heartbeat away as Ohio’s senate considers a new bill.

Fighting the New Imperialism
Some African Nations are squaring off against the United Kingdom … rejecting laws that reflect British moral and cultural practices.

Funding Cultural Change
The spread of cultural imperialism continues to march across the African continent … and Malawi is no exception.
The Guardian

Not So Neutral
Colorado University is planning on expanding its recreation center in the Spring … which will also include enlarging its gender neutral locker room in the building … according to dailycamera.com.

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