Thursday, December 22, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 12-22

Uncatholic Compromise
Two Catholic Institutions are trying to forge a compromise with Obama over his mandate that all religious institutions include contraception, sterilization … and maybe even abortion in their health plans.
Washington Times
Cardinal Newman Society

Planned Parenthood Grant Denied
The state of Michigan is pulling the plug on a grant that would have gone to Planned Parenthood just as they are trying to build another clinic in the state.

So Much Sex
A surprising number of teens are engaging in group sex … shown in a recent report from the Boston University School of Public Health.

Marriage Rates
Marriage is dying in America … as the number of US citizens over eighteen who are married has fallen to an all-time low.
Catholic News Service
FOX News

Hands On Sainthood
One film school is creating a series of saint programs that come with figurines … meant to give children a more hands on approach to holiness.
Catholic News Agency

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