Friday, March 2, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 03-02

Blunt Injustice
Federal lawmakers in Washington have tabled the idea of freedom of choice when it comes to healthcare … rejecting the value of conscience rights with regard to contraception coverage.
FOX News

Public Schools … Private Worship
Churches may continue to hold worship services in public schools … for now … thanks to judges in New York City.

Miscarriage of Justice
A Scottish court is ruling that it’s okay to clamp down on the conscience rights of Catholic midwives … and force them to take part in abortions.
Catholic News Agency

Gay Marriage in Maryland
A new law in Maryland legalizing homosexual marriage has been signed into law by dissenting Catholic Governor Martin O’ Malley.

Multiplying Mosques
New Research reveals that the number of mosques in America has almost doubled over the past decade.
Washington Post

Gaga's New Group
Controversial pop star Lady Gaga appeared at Harvard on Wednesday to promote her new organization ... the Born This Way Foundation.
Detroit Free Press
Lifesite News

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