Friday, March 30, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 03-30

UK Decriminalizes Suicide
The United Kingdom’s Parliament is one step closer to completely legalizing assisted suicide ... doing everything to approve its practice but making it legal.
Lifesite News
The Gaaurdian: Suicide numbers

Obama’s Social Agenda Rolls On
As though forcing contraception coverage on people with Obamacare wasn’t enough … Obama is now pushing to classify same-sex couples coming into the U.S. as families on customs forms.
The Huffington Post

French Families Foiled
Compromise is the order of the day in France’s presidential election race … as the French president cuts back his conservative values in order to win more votes.
Lifesite News

Media Re-Assesses Abuse Report
The infamous grand jury report that has priests on trial for brutal rape charges in Philadelphia … is making some … more objective members of the media skeptical of its accuracy.

German De-Christianization
Islam is staking out territory in the German city of Mannheim … telling local government officials they want to rename the part of the city they live in.

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