Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 03-07

Obama Above The Law
The White House has gravely violated the law 21 times … and Attorney Generals from 9 states have come forward to cite these cases in a report that demands justice.
Cybernet News Service

Contraception Development and Peace
An arm of the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops (CCCB) has been caught supporting contraception … right in the middle of countrywide social justice funding campaigns.
Lifesite News

Forcing Diversity Education
After lawmakers in Alberta Canada said homeschoolers will be forced to teach their kids that homosexuality is morally acceptable … Government officials now seem to be backing down.
Lifesite News

Super Tuesday Recap
Mitt Romney may still be leading the GOP nomination race after yesterday’s ten primaries … but he was forced to share the spotlight with Rick Santorum at the close of last night’s races.

Flukes False Philosophy
Many are finding it curious that Sandra Fluke’s testimony before congress did not mention recreational sex or abortion once.
Cybernet News Service

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