Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 03-14

Matrimonial Mayhem
The Episcopalian establishment is rapidly perverting the institution of true marriage into a ceremony embracing deviant sexual lifestyles.

Deep Fried Controversy
Homosexual activists are targeting the Christian-owned Chick-Fil-A company’s college campus locations … because they say … the business is anti-gay.”
Lifesite News

Muslim Journalist Defends NYPD
A Muslim journalist has gone public … saying law enforcement in New York City IS being unfairly targeted by a hit campaign … that wants to paint them as anti-Muslim.
FOX News

Two crucial victories for Rick Santorum in both Alabama and Mississippi are keeping him alive in the GOP Nomination Race … and he will walk away with a delegate increase that leaves him with 251.
FOX News

Professor Denies Episcopal Authority
A recent New York Times Op-ed column penned by a Notre Dame Philosophy Professor features a controversial claim about Catholic bishops.
Cardinal Newman Society

Obama Popularity Falling
Contrary to some media claims … support for Obama has dropped … among both men and women … since the beginning of the contraception mandate battle last month.
The Weekly Standard

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