Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 03-13

U.K. Cross Controversy
It may soon be illegal for Christians to wear crosses in the work place … thanks to a case coming to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that will allow employers to ban the practice.
Cybernet News Service

Mandate Divides Bishops
Catholic Bishops of the United States are divided on how to deal with a hostile White House regarding the contraception mandate.
National Catholic Register

Mayor’s Texas Tantrum
Take your freedom of speech outside … those are the words of the mayor of El Paso Texas as City Council threatens a group of Christians with jail time for standing up against the gay agenda.

Deep South GOP Race
GOP candidates are preparing for two races in the Deep South and one in Hawaii that hold a total of 101 delegates at stake … as Mitt Romney fights to increase his established lead over Rick Santorum.
FOX News

Justice For Pro-Lifers
A lawsuit filed by pro-lifers against the Maryland State Police has finally been settled.

God Over Government
A 31-year old missionary serving at the College of St. Mary in Omaha says that she's willing to risk her life to avoid violating her conscience by following Obama's contraception mandate.
Catholic News Agency

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