Thursday, March 29, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 03-29

“Catholic” Newspaper Dissents
The National Catholic Reporter newspaper is openly supporting dissent from Church teaching on sexuality … calling for a new sexual ethic as articulated by dissident retired Australian Bishop Geoffrey Robinson.
National Catholic Reporter
Catholic Culture

Obamacare in Court Update
The balance of government power was the topic of discussion on Tuesday in the Supreme Court … and yesterday seemed to be much the same as Justices heard arguments over Obamacare’s severability.
FOX News

Horrific Home Invasion
A federal Judge is condoning the home invasion by social workers into the residence of an Arizona homeschooling family … without probable cause.
World Net Daily

Primary Update
The numbers are in … and Mitt Romney’s has fallen to new lows.
The Hill
Washington Post

Lip-Slip or Papal Prayer
Human freedom is on the mind of the Pope … made clear by the interjection of the word “liberty” into one of his speeches.
Business Insider

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