Monday, March 26, 2012

Catholic News Roundup 03-26

Rallies Roll Across America
In over 140 cities all over the United States … from sea to shining sea … protestors sent a clear message to the Obama Administration … that our citizens will not surrender their right to religious liberty … in the name of the Obamacare mandate.
Catholic Culture

Celebrating Dissent
Despite the fact that the Girl Scouts have been proven to have ties with Planned Parenthood and even accepted a transgender male as a scout last year … the Archbishop of Boston still invited the organization into the cathedral to celebrate the GSUSA’s 100th anniversary.
The Boston Pilot VA Church Bans Girl Scouts

Contraceptive Cab Ride
All aboard the Shame Shuttle … if you are a Michigan University college girl in need of ride home after a one-night stand … you might be able to get a bottle of water and a coupon for the morning after pill out of it as well.
Our Sunday Visitor

Louisiana Primary
Rick Santorum gained a few delegates over the weekend … as he soared to a victory over Mitt Romney in Louisiana.
Cybernet News Service

Contempt for Christianity
In another atheist attempt to stamp out Christianity … Hawaiian atheists are demanding that a congregation utilizing a public building be evicted … even though the presence of Christians has only made the area surrounding the church livable again.

Unreasonable Rally
Supposedly thousands of Atheists gathered on the Mall in Washington D.C. over the weekend in a demonstration billed as the “Reason Rally …” though how reasonable the number of f-bombs dropped by one of the headlining performers was is anyone’s guess.
USA Today

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