Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 08-02

Attack From Within

A dissident group with a concentration of Catholic clergy supporters is stirring the pot of controversy in Chicago, Illinois over a priest threatened with dismissal for publicly supporting the ordination of women.


Dark Mark of History

A trial beginning this week in Philadelphia will mark the first time a Church official is charged for the administrative actions of knowingly transferring pedophile priests to unsuspecting parishes.


Forced Contraception

The Obama Administration is calling for mandated population control made clear after Health and Human Services (or the HHS) released a statement earlier this week saying that sterilizations and contraceptives will be a mandatory part of Obamacare.



Polygamist Plays Prophet

The trial of Warren Jeffs polygamist, alleged rapist and self-proclaimed prophet has threatened his prosecutors with divine vengeance as he claims to be relaying messages from God.


Father Keeps Abortion Billboard

For now the fight of an aborted baby's father to keep his pro-life billboard up has paid off.


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