Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 08-23

Brazilian Bombshell
The economy isn’t the only thing exploding in Brazil … as the AFP Newswire reports … so is the Muslim Population.

Post-Scandal Priest Association
In the wake of the Philadelphia abuse scandal … priests of the Archdiocese are forming an independent association of their own to deal with what they are calling a quote …“vacuum of information.”

Calling Obama Out
Pro-Life States that have defunded Planned Parenthood are standing their ground despite threats from the Obama administration to interfere in state government matters.
LifeNews.com-New Hampshire
LifeNews.com-North Carolina

“Father” Dorothy
The Bishop of San Jose, California is installing a lay woman to oversee a parish instead of a new pastor.

Phoenix Rising
The Diocese of Phoenix Arizona is now forbidding girls to serve mass on the altar at its Cathedral … because it is a privilege for boys interested in the priesthood.

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