Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 08-04

John Paul Center Finally Finds a Buyer

Many questions and concerns are being raised regarding the multimillion dollar John Paul II Center in Washington D.C. now that the Knights of Columbus have announced that they will be buying it.

Boston College Sanctions Desecration

Faithful in Boston are clamoring for an explanation from the Archdiocese after the desecration of sacred images took place during the demolition of a Chapel on university property.


Pro-Lifers Under Fire

A judge has ruled that a former congressman can proceed in his defamation suit against a prominent pro-life organization.

Massive Pro-Life Rallies

As many as twenty thousand people flocked to two pro-life rallies held in the Philippines last week organized by Human Life International (HLI).

Cowboy Monks Out of the Saddle

A lack of vocations is forcing monks who have been roping and riding since the turn of the last century to hang up their hat.

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