Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 08-11

Gender Testing

Some people are relying on Research Scientists and Marketers to determine whether or not it is ethical to choose the gender of their unborn child.

No Parental Consent for Transexuals

Parents in Poland may soon have nothing to say about whether or not their child can have a sex change operation.

Incarcerated Transsexual Treatment

Wisconsin taxpayers are now paying for transsexual inmates to have hormonal treatments.

Basilica Refuses Pro-Life Pilgrims

The Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada has turned away pilgrims from its doors because the pro-life message on their T-shirts sent out a “Divisive political message.”

Popemobile Auction

The Lincoln Continental limousine that chauffeured Pope Paul VI around during his visit to America in 1965 is being offered for sale.

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