Monday, August 29, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 08-29

Abortion Speedbump
The United Kingdom is questioning if women considering abortions are being given adequate information … and is introducing measures to crack down on abortion clinics.

Virginia Abortion Clinic Regulations
Many abortion mills in the Commonwealth may soon be shutdown … due to a proposal in front of the Board of Health that will label abortion clinics as hospitals ... and require them to meet the same facility standards.

Sand Box to “Sex Box"
Thousands of parents in Basel, Switzerland are expressing outrage as the government forces sex education on their children with a program that includes what is initially being called a “sex box.”

Islamic Propoganda War
The Iranian regime is attacking Christianity by spreading propaganda and seizing thousands of bibles in the name of Islam.
Cybernet News Service

Denomination Dying Off
While the number of Catholics in the United States continues to decline year after year … experts say roughly one-third of Episcopalian churches in America will be gone in three years.
Virtue Online

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