Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 08-03

Outrage in Kansas

The Kansas law meant to strip Planned Parenthood of funding has been temporarily blocked by a Federal judge.

Four for Florida

Pro-life Governor Rick Scott has signed four new pro-life bills into Florida law books during a ceremony at the governor's mansion.

Catholic Pro-Abort Agenda

An international pro-abortion group which is Catholic in name only is trying to convincing the Polish government that the Catholic Church really does support abortion.

Rainbow Ministry of Mexico

The Vatican is turning its eyes toward a Mexican diocese's homosexual ministry effort questioning whether or not it should be affiliated with the Church.

Embryonic Debate

Catholic Bioethicists are clashing over a topic left undefined by the Church in matters of doctrine embryonic adoption or the adoption of children through the implantation of an embryo left over from someone else's In-Vitro Fertilization attempt.

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